Electrical apprentice

Electrical ApprenticeAn electrical apprenticeship is a great way to qualify as an electrician. Not only do you get paid while you are learning, your employer will also pay your course fees.
An apprentice will study all the same subjects as a full-time student but will often have to study in the evenings or on the regular study days when your employer will give you the day off to go to college.
Both FE Colleges and training companies offer apprentice courses, but to get on them you will probably need to have already found yourself an apprentice job with a company or organisation.

How to find an apprenticeship

Go to Find an apprenticeship to start your search for a position. You could also try a search on Google using the term ‘electrical apprentice’.
There is a lot demand for these apprenticeship posts, so don’t get dispirited by frequent rejections, just keep applying. Also you should be prepared to move to another part of the country to find that job.
Use the help line for more advice: 0800 015 0400.
An excellent source of apprentice training is in the military: Army, RAF or Royal Navy. All these services offer specialist electrical training, but you will also have to serve as a soldier, airman or sailor.

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