Old qualifications

Old qualificationsFor most electrical jobs in construction, commercial and industry you will need to have an ECS gold card. Whether you are returning to the industry, looking to prove your skills or coming from overseas, you will need to get an ECS gold card.

Experienced Worker Assessment

If you are an experienced electrician or you are coming to the UK from overseas and you don’t have a card, you can apply to have a mature candidate assessment – known by the qualification reference: City & Guilds 2346.
The assessment involves:

  • An independent assessor talking to you about how your existing skills and experience can be used to contribute towards the qualification requirements.
  • Site assessments of your work will be undertaken and any gaps in training will be identified. For many candidates the only training required will be an AM2 Skills Test

Electacourse (who sponsor this website), can guide you to your Experienced Worker Assessment. Take this link.

Old Qualifications

There are many combinations of old qualifications which still enable you obtain an ECS gold card and be employed as an electrician. If you have older qualifications such as City & Guilds 2351, 2330, 2360 and others complete the Experienced Worker Assessment form.
If you gained your electrical qualifications as an apprentice without the type of training now available, dig out your Apprenticeship Deeds of Completion Certificate and again, tell us more about yourself with the Experienced Worker Assessment form.

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