Overseas electricians

Working in the UK with foreign electrical qualifications

To work as a qualified electrician in the UK you will need to have some UK qualifications. The qualifications you need depend on which country you are coming from and the type of work you want to do.
If you want to work in the construction, commercial or industry sectors you have to be fully UK qualified. Only a few countries have electrical qualifications which are recognised in the UK, these are know as JIB-approved license countries.

JIB-approved license countries

The UK organisation Joint Industry Board sets the UK standards for the employment and grading of electricians. JIB has approved some countries as having electrical qualifications equivalent to those in the UK, those countries are: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, and the USA.
To work in the UK you will need to provide proof of your licence and:
Pass the following assessments:

Other countries

In addition to the above assessments, you will need to undergo a JIB Mature Candidate Assessment.
If you want to find work as an electrician doing domestic installations, you can work with your existing documents as an electricians mate with a contracting company. You cannot sign off your own work and you will not be accepted for work in construction, commercial or industrial companies.

Great Britain Construction Training

GBCT are an NZ/Aus based company who specialise in helping overseas electricians to become qualified to practice in the UK – Link to GBCT

NARIC documents

The EU have set up a mechanism for qualification equivalence between countries in the EU, this mechanism is known as NARIC. A NARIC document does not mean that an EU qualification can automatically be used in another EU country.
NARIC measures the level of the qualification (ie Level 2, 3 etc), it does not measure the relative competency and content of courses. For this reason NARIC documents are not generally accepted as proof of UK qualifications

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