Part time study

Part time studyNearly all electrical courses can be undertaken by part time study (evenings and weekends) at either FE Colleges or Training Companies. Courses which are theory-only can be taken online. Online providers offer a wide range of practice material to help full time and part time students achieve exam success.

Wiring Regulations 18th Edition, 2382-22 (Level 3)

Widely available from all providers at costs from £240 (online with Electacourse) to £250.

AM2 Skills Test

The AM2 assessment is the final unit of the electrical installation qualification. It is a timed assessment which requires candidates to peform a set of common tasks and procedures that a fully qualified electrician might face when working in commercial or industrial premises.
It is compulsory for apprentices, adult trainees or upskilling workers who seek to gain industry recognised qualified status.
AM2 will typically take two or three days and cost up to £800.

Inspection and Testing 2391 (-50, -51, -52)

This new Level 3 professional qualification replaces and improves upon the existing City & Guilds 2394 and 2395 qualifications. This course is aimed at electricians who have qualified and now want to progress from being an electrician’s mate to being able to sign off their own work.
This course typically runs for 7 days and is available from some FE Colleges and many training companies. It will cost between £1,000 and £1,500

PAT Testing 2377

The testing of portable appliances adds another business opportunity for electricians (although you don’t have to be an electrician to do PAT Testing). Mostly available from training companies as one to three day courses costing up to £500.

Part P 2393-10

Part P are the building regulations which apply to domestic dwellings. Many electricians take this qualification to help them understand how their work can pass building regs inspections. This qualification is also the basic exam standard for Domestic Installers.
Not available from FE Colleges, but often delivered by training companies for between £200 and £600 (depending on how much practical and theory training required before the exam).

Other courses

There are many additional courses available for electricians how want to specialise. Different companies and different colleges choose which courses they want to offer:

Electrical maintenance | Refrigeration electrics | Solar PV | Electric vehicle charging | Renewable energy | Electrical design


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